2. Dossiers

2.1 What is a Dossier?

A Dossier is a research space or virtual folder which can be private or shared, allowing users to work alone or to collaborate with others on a project. Dossiers contain a number of different content types including Objects, Stories, Events, References and Narratives. Users can create their own content or gather preexisting content from a selection of trusted sources.

2.2 How do I browse the content of a Dossier?

  1. Once you have logged into Storyscope, click into the DOSSIERS tab

  2. Select the Dossier you want to view

  3. Read the short description of the Dossier and scroll down through the different content types [Narratives, Stories, Objects etc.]

  4. Click on VIEW ALL under any of these content types to view them as a grid [Events can additionally be viewed as a Timeline or Map- see ‘Events’ section for more]

  5. Click on the title or image to find more information about it

2.3 How do I create a Dossier?

  1. Once you have logged into Storyscope, scroll down to the bottom of the landing page and click on SEE ALL DOSSIERS.

  2. Click on the blue CREATE NEW DOSSIER button

  3. Give your Dossier a title (the focus of your research/interest)

  4. Under ‘Description’, write a short summary of what your Dossier will contain (note, this text can be added and edited at a later stage)

  5. All other fields should be disregarded