4. Stories

4.1 What is a Story?

A Story is a piece of information about a cultural heritage object. A Story could relate to how the object was made and by whom, what the object represents or what has happened to the object since it was made. Stories are the basic building blocks of Storyscope; users can add existing Stories or upload new Stories to their Dossier. Events and References can be added to a Story, and multiple Stories can be pulled together into a Narrative.  

4.2 How do I add a new Story to an Object?

  1. Click on the Object you wish to add a Story to

  2. Click on the blue button CREATE NEW STORY

  3. An untitled and blank Story is automatically created for you

  4. Click on the EDIT tab.

  5. Give your Story a new title and write some text

    1. Your title should be short and express the key point of your Story

    2. Your Story can be fact or fiction: some information you learned about the Object; a personal opinion about the Object; a Story about what the Object reminds you of; a poem about the Object etc.

  6. Click on SAVE

  7. You can now see your Story beside the Object

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Object

  9. You can now see your Story displayed alongside all the other Stories connected to that Object.

  10. To return to the Dossier click on the Dossier title in the crumb trail

4.3 How do I edit a blank Story?

Blank Stories are created automatically when you add an Object to you Dossier or upload a new Object. These Stories are automatically given the title of the Object.

  1. Click into your newly uploaded/newly added Object

  2. To the right you will see a Story with the same title as your Object

  3. Click on the title of the Story. You are now viewing the empty Story

  4. Click on the EDIT tab

  5. Re-title your Story [the best titles are short & capture the main point of your Story]

  6. Write the main text of your Story

  7. Click on SAVE. Your Story has now been edited