7. Narratives

7.1 What is a Narrative?

Narratives are a way of linking cultural objects and their associated Stories. Narratives are made up of Sections which function like chapters in a book or pages of a website. Each Section contains a number of Objects and their associated Stories. Multiple Narratives can be produced from the contents of the Dossier file, and can be processed as a Microsite. Take a look at examples of Narratives in the Highlights of the National Gallery of Ireland Dossier before you start.

7.2 How do I start a Narrative?

  1. In your Dossier, click on ADD A NARRATIVE button

  2. Give your Narrative a title e.g. ‘Costume in NGI paintings’ and a brief description in the summary box [note, you can always edit the title and description later]

  3. Click on SAVE

  4. You are automatically brought back to the Dossier and should see a green ‘Successfully added’ message

  5. Notice your Narrative under the NARRATIVES heading. Note: Only two Narratives can display here on this Dossier page, but a Dossier can contain an unlimited amount of Narratives. Click on VIEW ALL to see all the Narratives in the Dossier

  6. Click on the title of your Narrative [ignore ‘view as microsite’ for the moment]

  7. You are now viewing an empty Narrative. Think of this page like the Contents page of a book; as you add Sections to your Narrative you will see this contents page fill up with Sections

  8. An empty Section is automatically created for you- it is called UNTITLED 1

  9. Click on UNTITLED 1 to start adding information to this Section

7.3 How do I view the contents page of a Narrative?

Once you have added a number of Sections to your Narrative you might want to return to the contents page to get an overview of all you have added.

  1. Notice the crumb trail at the top of the page- this is the grey text, all in capitals, which should start with DOSSIER TITLE > NARRATIVES > Title of your Narrative > SECTIONS >

  2. The crumb trail can be used to navigate through Storyscope.

  3. To return to the contents page of your Narrative click on the title of your Narrative in the crumb trail.

  4. Your contents page should now contain: your Narrative title and summary description at the top and a number of Sections each with its own title and description.

  5. You can change the order of your Sections by clicking on the blue button RE-ORDER SECTIONS.

  6. You can edit the title and/or description of your Narrative by clicking on the EDIT tab to the top right hand side of the page.

  7. You can view your Narrative as a microsite by clicking on VIEW MICROSITE which is located under the summary text.

7.4 What is a Section?

A Section functions much like a chapter of a book or a page of a website- it is a block of information; a number of Sections combine to create the overall Narrative. Each Section comprises Objects and their associated Stories. You can write some extra text to explain the connection between the Objects in the Section, and edit the Stories to make the text more relevant to the theme of the Section. Each Section should be titled with a short title that expresses the theme of the Section e.g. if the overall Narrative is ‘The Human Form in Art’, one Section is titled ‘The ideal form in classical art’.

7.5 How do I add Stories to a Section?

Each Section has two tabs located in the top right hand corner of the screen. One is for gathering the information you want to add to your Section [called GATHER] and one for editing this information [called EDIT].

  1. Having clicked into a SECTION you are now viewing the GATHER page of an empty Section.

  2. This is where you can view all the contents of the Dossier and select which Stories you want to add to a Section.

  3. Select Stories by clicking on ADD+. Notice them appear under the SECTION CONTENTS heading

  4. You can add as many Stories as you like.

  5. The Object is automatically added when you add the Story.

  6. Click on the tab labelled EDIT located in the upper right hand area of the page. You are now able to edit your first Section.

7.6 How do I edit a Section?

  1. Re-title your Section by deleting ‘Untitled #’ and typing in a new title.

  2. Write some text in the text box. This is essentially the main body text of your Section where you explain the connection between the Objects you have added to it, or if your Section does not contain Objects/Stories you can write an introductory text for your Narrative here.

  3. You can edit the Story text to make it more appropriate to the theme of this Section.

  4. Associated Events display as a timeline below as a reference when writing your text/editing the Stories.

  5. When you are finished writing/editing click on SAVE AND FINISH.

  6. You are automatically brought into a new Untitled SECTION that is ready to be edited.

  7. Notice the numbered grey squares at the top left of the page- these represent your Sections and will grow as you add more Sections to your Narrative. You can click on any of these numbered grey squares to navigate to that Section.